ITALBOILERTRADE PROMOTE inside its premises hot water boilers for medium and high potentiality, at beaded plates, three-pass design or at flame inversion, for potentialities up to 14.000 kW.



The range of products includes both standard and special designs, adapting its own production flexibility to the specific customer needs, always in accordance with the current European Standards. The Industrial generators, optimally dimensioned, reach always high qualitative standards, thanks to the use of machineries and modern construction technics, in full compliance with the material thermo-mechanics characteristics. Reliability, security and long durability are the principal elements of the  generators, always appreciated in Italy and worldwide.



today is a company featured by a long tradition, but also by a strong sense of initiative, that permits the research of new and customised solutions for each customer. The substantial experience together with the innovation allow our company to satisfy the requests coming from the principal application sectors, such as:

Chemical industry

Pharmaceutical industry

Food industry

Wood industry

Textile industry

Paper mills and Paper industry

Industrial laundries

This is again possible because of the extensive experience our of top management and the vast contacts that allow us to source from different suppliers and also our internal methods that make it possible for us to give you the lowest possible price without compromising on quality.

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