The experience matured in the field, seriousness, professionalism and skills acquired by our qualified technicians enable us to offer technical consultancy and solve any kind of problem related to thermal systems, including the latest generation of high energy saving and those at  condensation, always ensuring timeliness of intervention both in Italy and abroad.


Our company is able to execute installations, repairs and maintenance on all types of generator (steam, water, diathermic oil, biomass boilers).

Among our activities to be mentioned:

-       Scheduled inspection visits  and preventative ordinary maintenance with the release of the executed works report

-        Repairs and extraordinary maintenance visits

-      Testing and boilers startup

-      Recalibration and maintenance of control devices of boilers

-      combustion Analysis

-      Smoke Tests

-      Requalification  of old thermal stations, with retrofit of obsolete installations

-      Startup of burners

-      Water Treatment through  installation of filters, softeners and purifiers

-      Flue gas cleaning and descaling washes

-      Controls and remakes of refractories

-      Replacement of damaged parts

-      Replacement of tubes

-      Boilers Assembly on site

-      Execution of  PED repair projects

-      Pressures Checks

-      Measurement of gas flow, pressure, gas temperature and ambient temperature

-      Safety devices of outlet smokes testing



Our company provides accessories and spare parts for burners and boilers, ensuring rapid and professional interventions such as:

- High pressure coils ( termooljini izmenjevalci - Spiral pipe - rohrschlange )

- appropriate Instrumentation for the generator conducting without continuous assistance (24 and 72 hours)
- Feed Pumps for boilers
- Valves for  burners
- Safety valves
- Pneumatic Valves
- Safety Thermostats
- Thermometers and thermo hygrometer
- Thermocouples
- Pressure switches
- Flow switches
- Inspection holes and manhole gaskets
- Burners
- Temperature probes
- Loading and unloading taps
- Single and twin circulators
- Heat exchangers

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